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Restoring Hope Center Receives award from The Cannon Foundation!

THANK YOU to the Thank You Jesus Mission!
Restoring Hope Center would like to thank Dan and Judi Moore for the incredible donation of this beautiful tractor trailer! 
The color silver represents redemption. 
This prayer was prayed over the tractor trailer: 
I decree that wherever this truck goes, the land and the people will be redeemed! Furthermore, when the food is eaten, it will as if they have eaten from the table of Psalm 23 and they will "taste and see that the Lord is GOOD"!! 
Thank You Father for giving us favor with this caring and wonderful couple.
​Restoring Hope Center, Inc. is excited to announce the donation of $104,880.00 awarded to us The Cannon Foundation. We are deeply humbled by this gift and cannot express what it means to have others believe in our vision as much as we do and to be willing to support us in such a huge way.

This generous gift will be used to complete a much needed Emergency Housing Shelter and also a Commercial Kitchen. This Shelter will provide temporary housing for those who are inneed of a warm, safe place to stay while they get back on their feet.

Vocational classes, computer classes, financial management and budget training, Adult Education classes, and interview skills training are just a few of the opportunities that will be offered to the residents during their stay. The Commercial Kitchen will be used for group meals by the residents and will, in the future, serve as the kitchen for the next phase of our plan, an After-School Program.

Our construction crew is ready to get this project completed and we are all excited to see this aspect of the overall vision of Pastors Kenneth & Joyce Blease and Ms. Mildred Sessoms come to fruition. We never fail to remember that their dream of the hungry being fed, the broken being
healed, and the hopeless having hope again is why we exist. Pastor Kenneth Blease and Ms. Mildred are no longer with us but we know that they are proud that the vision is being carried on by Pastora Joyce Blease, and our current senior Pastors, Tim and Kim Hodge.

We know that this dream would have died long ago if not for the dedication, determination, and
hard work of so many. Thank you Pastor Faye Coates and your amazing team for keeping this vision alive! Thank you to our church family at Northview Harvest Ministries for your continued support.

While all of these folks are essential to all that has been done and to all that will be
done, we recognize that we can only fulfill this dream through the generosity and kindness of
donors like the Cannon Foundation. To you we say, “Thank you for believing in our dream!”
Restoring Hope Center, Inc. is filled with gratitude and appreciation to the Thank You Jesus Mission. This organization makes the "Thank You Jesus" signs that we are sure you have seen in yards all around the city. Their heart for getting the good news out to as many as possible goes beyond just their signs. And because of that, they have gifted RHC with a donation of $8,560.00! 

These funds will be used to complete the construction of our new computer lab. We are so excited about yet another phase of the vision becoming a reality! This computer lab will be used by our Emergency Housing Shelter residents to conduct job searches, to complete resumes, to apply for jobs, to work on their GED, to complete higher education on-line courses, and whatever else they may need to further their chance for success.

The computer lab will also be used by the students in our After-School program, which will be the next phase of our ministry. Access to computers and the internet will allow our students to complete homework assignments, conduct research, complete college applications, and so much more. 

We are so excited about the opportunity to complete this area and to allow our citizens access to a tool to be used on the road to a brighter future.

Thank You, Thank You Jesus, for this much needed, generous donation to Restoring Hope Center. We can't wait to see lives changed!