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     We are so thankful for what the Lord has helped us accomplish thus far, but it is now time to add additional services.  We currently have the ability to provide temporary, emergency housing for ONE family.  When crisis strikes additional individuals or families, where do they go?  They need a safe haven for a few days while they are putting together a plan.  Every week we get calls from families or individuals who have found themselves homeless for one reason or another.  The church families in our community have been so faithful to make provision for hotel rooms for those folks.  What a blessing it will be when the doors to that emergency housing unit finally open! 
     It will provide far more than just shelter.  While the clients are there they will have the opportunity to get involved in helping others in need.  They will have access to self-sufficiency and mentoring classes.  They will receive guidance from trained counselors and educators that will help them gain the skill sets they need to succeed.

    Everyday there are children and adults who are going to bed hungry in our community.  The last meal that some of our children will eat is the lunch that they had at school that day. As unthinkable as that is, it is a reality.  

     When the Kid’s Kitchen opens we will have a resource to help address that problem.  The Kid’s Kitchen will be a multi-functional building. Before and after the children and their families enjoy a nutritious meal they will have the opportunity to participate in special events such as concerts, dramas, sports and educational and mentor support.

     Our ultimate goal is to provide individuals and families with tools that can improve the quality of their lives and facilitate self-sufficiency.  We have GED and Computer classes already available to our clients in our current facility.  These classes are made available through a collaboration with Richmond Community College. 

     Once the new building is completed we will be able to expand these classes and add additional ones. There are many individuals who may find it difficult or uncomfortable to pursue their education in a traditional classroom setting.  Continuing to develop partnerships with local colleges and schools will provide adult education for those students in a specialized environment.  

The Building Program