I grew up in a single parent family home just two streets over from where Restoring Hope Center is located.  
My precious mother worked faithfully at a job that despite her best efforts could not provide all we needed.  Many nights I cried myself to sleep because I was hungry.  Like many in the community I can remember how I would  say,   "One day my life will be different."
   Well, that one day came.  By God's grace I graduated from high school and Bible college.  I first began in ministry through evangelism and then in pastoral work.  Through a series of negative circumstances I left the ministry and worked my way into store management in the grocery industry.  God was so faithful to bless me with great success.  I had no idea while I was working in the grocery business that God was equipping me with the skill sets I would need as Executive Director of Restoring Hope Center.
   Today, I have the joy of serving the Lord by serving others.  Our Lord truly is the God of second chances and the One who can, indeed, restore hope. 

 In His Service,
 Pastor Faye 

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From Our Director
Pastor Faye Coates
Executive Director